Possibly the world's shortest cookbook.

3 Paleo Recipes ebook front cover

3 Amazing Paleo Recipes

A power breakfast, an exotic dinner, and a little something for the sweet tooth — for your perfect Paleo day.

  1. Chorizo & Vegetable fry
  2. Oven-Baked Quince with Lamb & Sweet Potatoes
  3. The Uno Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

Plus: 2 bonus recipes

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Traditional cookbooks are overwhelming.

You open one and start turning the pages. “Oh — doesn't that look delicious.” “Wow! Look at this one.” “I'll have to try this one one day.”

When a book has a ton of great recipes, it's easy to end up cooking none!

I wanted a cookbook that was more like a meal plan for a day. Brief, seasonally informed, locally sourced, & actionable.

So I created one: 3 Amazing Paleo Recipes. It's so short you can print it, take it on the grocery tour as a shopping list, then cook the meals.

No cooking paradox of choice!

Author, about to cook
Hmm, what to cook?

The Recipes

This is Paleo fusion kitchen — born out of family recipes, seasonal inspiration, and some Paleo thinkering. Influenced by several national traditions, each known for its culinary prowess: Tunisian, Armenian, and Italian cuisines. Nutritious, delicious, and relatively easy to cook. Gluten-free and dairy-optional.

(A note to Paleo purists: some recipes employ cheese, so strictly speaking, are categorized as “primal” (as in Paleo + dairy). You can omit the cheese in your cooking though).

  1. The Breakfast

    Chorizo & Vegetable fry

    Chorizo Vegetable Fry

    A crunchy, juicy, stimulating morning hodgepodge that gets off the day on the right foot. Can be mild, spicy, or hot, depending on your mood. Bonus: a variation — Shakshuka with kale!

  2. The Dinner

    Oven-Baked Quince with Lamb & Sweet Potatoes

    Quince with Sweet Potatoes and Minced Lamb

    Quince is a shamefully under-used fruit. Here, it provides an exquisitely tart counterpoint to the sweet potatoes and the aromatic lamb for an amazingly flavorful dish.

  3. The Treat

    The Uno Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

    Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

    Let me put it this way: you will never want to look at any commercial hazelnut & chocolate spread again after tasting The Uno (The One)!

  4. Bonus

    Baharat Spice Mix

    Baharat Spice Mix

    This is an enhanced version of a popular Middle Eastern spice mix that combines 11 different spices in a potent, fragrant mix. It's the secret sauce of the first and second recipes of this cookbook.

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About me

James Abbott, author

I went Paleo at the end of 2010 — and everything improved. Sleep, energy levels, the ability to focus. Interestingly, I also started to experience the flavors & tastes of food as being stronger and more refined.

I've always enjoyed cooking, but Paleo cooking has taken me to the next level. It's been an amazing journey so far — and here are 3 amazing Paleo recipes to celebrate the adventure!